Monday, May 16, 2011

Hollywood Candy!

Hollywood Candy
1209 Jackson St.
Omaha, NE 68102
(402) 346-9746

Antique Mall or freaking sweet retro candy store?!
Mhmm! Hollywood Candy moved from a little cramped, hole-in-the-wall store to a massive antique mall, candy store & "cafe". If you don't go there for the massive amounts of old-fashioned and unique candy, then you definitely go there for the fun atmosphere. And if you don't go there for the fun atmosphere, then you definitely go there for all the vintage stuff that spews from the booths of the antique vendors in the back! Two of my "must visit" stores in the Old Market got married! ;)

When you walk in your eyes go straight to the wall to wall candy supply. While this isn't the entire candy store, this is just ONE aisle.
Movie posters are plastered all over the entire ceiling!!

Now keep walking straight back. You'll come across this...
Yep, that's a vintage car parked halfway into a wall with old drive in movie theater speakers in the back. Of course, Nolan thought that was one of the coolest things ever! Right after this when you take a turn, you'll land in the antique mall part of the building. Not as big as it used to be (duh!), but its still pretty sweet! I didn't get pictures of this because I was too busy staring at stuff. =)

After looking at antiques and sifting through candy, it was time to pay and leave. Somebody noticed a train set on top of the candy shelves!... guess who noticed that?!

We managed to get through their PEZ room unscathed, even though Nolan saw an entire collection of Star Wars PEZ dispensers. But we didn't escape completely free of candy... Nolan walked out with a 34" "Pixie stick" and Jonathon with an Abba Zabba! =)
Now that our pixie stick is full and our need for candy is fulfilled, its time to head out! So many other stores to visit! But not before we stop and take a picture with our favorite Blue's Brother. And for the little ones... stop at their .5 cent pony ride!

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